Complete Course in Professional Photography Unit Exams

Tips for Success with NYIP Unit Comprehension Tests

Read this information first to maximize your success on the test.

The Unit Comprehension Test you are about to take should be part of your learning process at NYIP, and not an obstacle to your progress. To get the best possible results we recommend that you work with a paper copy before you enter your answers online. Look for the print button before you get started, and print out a copy of the test.

Take your time completing the printed test, referring back to the study materials if necessary to clarify your understanding of the material or refresh your memory.

Do not mail us your test paper. All exams are now completed online.

After completing the test on paper:

  1. Return to the online test page and sign in.
  2. Follow the instructions for completing the online exam.
  3. Make sure you’ve answered all the questions and have marked your choices correctly.
  4. Then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page once.

Your graded test will be sent to you by email and registered in your Student Record. Please add to your contact list to assure that you receive your results.

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